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10 books to change your life 

15 January 2021

Lockdown takes so many things away from us. Our freedom, our daily habits, our friends, our family and in some cases, our work. But in the place of these dear and essential things, we have found small opportunities. With life slowing down, many of us have found a new opportunity, and indeed joy, in reading a good book. 

With this in mind, we have asked our Change Makers to tell us about the books that have changed their lives. If you need some inspiration about what to read next, here are 12 of the books that have inspired some of our guests. 

Made in America, Peter Ueberroth

Matt Scheckner, Global CEO, Advertising Week

Early on in my career, I read Peter Ueberroth’s Made in America, when that was a much less complex title and it was just a quintessential story about entrepreneurship and giving back. I have great admiration for Peter and later in my career got to meet him and he was terrific. The job he and the late Harry Usher did running the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games really made the modern-day sports business in so many ways.”

My Early  Life, Winston Churchill

Sir Max Hastings, writer and historian

“Winston Churchill’s My Early Life, convinced me that having adventures, some of them on battlefields, was the way I wanted to fulfill myself. I didn’t grow out of that until I was 36, after the Falklands War.”

A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf

Sharmadean Reid, MBE, founder, Beautystack