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B Corp Month: Practicing business the smart way

3 April 2023

“At the core of a business, must lie a purpose”, Jenny Costa, CEO, Rubies in the Rubble 

Change Makers is about celebrating the campaigners, creators, connectors and contrarians who are driving business as a force for good – of which there is no better proof of than a B Corp certification. By amending their definition of “profit” and looking past the economic measurement of success, these businesses have been recognised as affecting real change. 

B Corp month, which has just come to an end for another year, looks to celebrate businesses who are pursuing impact and going above and beyond to administer positive change. More than just a label – B Corp is a movement of people who recognise business as a powerful force for good and as a result, are changing the metrics of success.

A small part of this movement are some of our previous guests: Charmian Love, Founder, B Lab UK and Global Director of Advocacy, Natura &Co; Jason Knights, Managing Director, Ground Control; Jenny Costa, CEO, Rubies in the Rubble; Peter Flavel, CEO, Coutts; Mark Cuddigan, CEO, Ella’s Kitchen, as not only do they practice business the right way, but the smarter way. 

Ripping up the rule book, Charmian Love

Taking care of the planet, or as Charmian calls it “our shared home”, has never been more critical. Businesses should be creating opportunities to innovate – acting as “vehicles for solution”. As Co-Founder of B Lab (UK), Charmian supported the growth of multiple B Corps and is committed to accelerating our transition to a more regenerative, circular and inclusive economy. This is work she has continued since taking on her role as Global Director of Advocacy for Natura &Co. 

In love with the botanical, Greek term “helioptrophy”, which translates as “turning towards the sun” Charmian believes humans are not too dissimilar to plants, as “we grow taller, stronger and faster when we are motivated by things that are full of light, joy, warmth and security”. To move out of darker times, businesses must find light in a business purpose that holds profit, people and planet in equal importance. 

Whilst there is still a long way to go, “there is a lot to be positive about” says Charmian – which as you will see from the businesses showcased in this article, rings exceptionally true.