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Celebrating International Podcast Day

Michael Hayman | 30 September 2022

This week we’re celebrating International Podcast Day! Join us as we re-listen to our guests, from James O’Brien and Leena Nair, to Lord Dubs and Beatie Wolfe, via Arizona Muse, Richard Curtis and Dr Scilla Elworthy. These names, with hugely different career trajectories and spheres of influence, are united by an active commitment to change. 

Launched at the height of the first lockdown, the Change Makers series was developed to provide inspiration, insights and ideas at a challenging time. Over the course of the past two years, 180 episodes and five collaborative partnerships, we have provided a tapestry of tales about the human experience, in the hope that this series is provoking thoughts about the difference we can all make for the world.

As Michael continues to interview the best in British business, showcasing the work of activists, authors, politicians and peacemakers, our mission remains to tell the stories you don’t know, to uncover more about our guests and provide insight not only into their careers, but their lives.

Most recently, we’ve heard from Bella Lack, Conservationist and Campaigner about her platform for young people at the heart of the climate crisis; Greg Hoffman, former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Nike speaking about what it’s like behind the curtain of a global brand; and Kate Griggs, Founder, Made by Dyslexia, on how to unleash the superpower that is diverse thinking. 

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