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Wellness: drinking yourself healthy – Claire Warner, Co-founder, Æcorn

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We’re joined today by Claire Warner, the co-founder of non-alcoholic aperitifs brand Æcorn. With its sister firm Seedlip, Æcorn is giving non-drinkers a seat at the bar and a healthier alternative. Claire’s love of nature inspired Æcorn’s recipe, with a focus on digestive health and roots in 17th century European distillation. She has taken the essence of classic drinks and transformed them into wellness and sophistication; the most popular being the ‘nogroni’. With a passion for purpose and changing the game, Claire tells us the importance of change, adaptability and open-mindedness.

Claire Warner, Co-founder, Æcorn

Claire Warner began her corporate career in 2003, joining the LVMH owned brand, Belvedere Vodka and was appointed Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology in 2009. In this role, Claire led the development of all new Belvedere expressions, as well as creating the global educational programmes for Belvedere. In 2015 Claire was awarded both Best International Brand Ambassador at Tales of the Cocktail, the ‘Oscar’s’ of the drinks industry, and Wine Spectator Ambassador of the year. Claire joined the alcohol-­free world of Seedlip in January 2018 to head up the brand’s sister company, Æcorn Drinks. Æcorn launched in May 2019 to London’s Selfridges & Waitrose nationwide. Æcorn will extend ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’ from the bar to the table. Æcorn aims to create more meaningful connections by ensuring non-drinkers feel included in social settings. Claire is acknowledged as an early advocate for better wellbeing in the drinks industry and has spent years speaking to those working in the on-trade about topics including excess sugar in both soft drinks and cocktails, excessive alcohol consumption, and spending more time in nature.

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What is a book that has changed your life?

There have been so many pivotal books in my life that have set me off on so many exciting paths that I can’t simply give you one book. I’m going to share three: While it’s not a fun read, Sweet Poison by David Gillespie really did change my life in so many ways. At the time (around 10 years ago) I had no idea how addictive sugar was, and that its secreted in so much of the food we eat. It made me totally rethink sugar, which lead me to not only change my own diet, but also changed the way I thought about everything. I removed it from the vodka we were producing, I spent a few years teaching bartenders about it and eventually, I started to explore the weird and wonderful world of flavour.

I then stumbled across the Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker which blew my mind and made me want to celebrate the power of nature through all-natural flavour. That journey led me to Ben Branson of Seedlip who shared one of his favourite books, Biomimicry by Janine Benyus with me (which I stole for a while!) I then spent a few years banging on about nature, before Ben offered me an outlet for all my passions, which is how Æcorn was born.

Books really can change your life! But, I would say that if you ever find yourself sat next to me at a dinner party, please don’t ask me about sugar, flavour