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Ending finance’s carbon footprint: mobilising against climate change – Mark Campanale, Founder, Carbon Tracker Initiative

About This Episode

Mark Campanale is a leader described as opening “a different front in the fight against global warming.” He is an Ashoka Changemaker and the founder of the Carbon Tracker Initiative, an independent think tank that looks at the impact of clean energy transition and a move away from fossil fuels on the financial markets. The aim is to change how financial analysts and fund managers determine investment risk and mobilise shareholders to align their business priorities with the climate agenda.


And as co-founder of Planet Tracker, Mark’s goal is to align capital markets with natural ecological limits to growth, based on his ‘unburnable carbon’ thesis, which identified that up to 80% of proven fossil fuel reserves are effectively unusable, if we are to stay within the planet’s Carbon Budget.

Mark Campanale

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