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Love, forgiveness and purpose: how to magnify your impact – Maggie Miller and Hannah Nokes

About This Episode

Joining Michael for episode 100 are Maggie Miller and Hannah Nokes, founders of Magnify Impact, putting the power of purpose to work by helping companies supercharge their profitability through social impact. In a world of abundant resources, Maggie and Hannah ask: ‘why can’t these be used for the good of all to create shared value in the world?’ And it’s this question and more that the pair are answering in a new book: Magnify Your Impact: Powering Profit with Purpose.

Maggie Miller and Hannah Nokes, Founders, Magnify Impact

Maggie Miller has developed social impact solutions alongside hundreds of company leaders. Previously, she founded an international microcredit nonprofit in rural Peru serving indigenous women. A former Division I soccer player, Maggie enjoys watching fútbol with her husband―especially in their second home, Barcelona. Maggie is Chief Troublemaker for Magnify Impact.

Hannah Nokes was inspired to help business leaders turn “love into action” while leading corporate social impact for global corporations. She founded an impact collaborative of over ninety companies in Austin, Texas, and strives to model generosity for her three young daughters. Hannah is Chief Optimist for Magnify Impact.

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What is a book that has changed your life?

Maggie: As a young 20-something, way back in the day:), a book that set me on a trajectory for the way I wanted to live was Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. It was inspirational and spiritual and gave me a roadmap for a life of meditation, mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance.

Hannah: The Bible and “Love Does” by Bob Goff

What are you watching at the moment?

Maggie: Ted Lasso on Netflix. This is an absolutely heart-warming comedy! Ted heads to the U.K. to manage a struggling London fútbol team in the topflight of English fùtbol without having any previous experience. His character is EXACTLY the kind of joy, honesty, and humanity we all need in this intensely difficult time where we’ve had to be disconnected. Being a global fútbol fan and former player (and voting member of FC Barcelona, yes, my heart was broken over Messi), it is so funny to see this American man try to lead this team. I’ve been to many Premier League games myself and they are amongst the most intense extraordinary fans, and it is just comical to watch Ted win the hearts of the team, the fans, and beyond.

Hannah: The Serpent, on Netflix, and The Chosen, available free on