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Change Makers X: Mr & Mrs Smith

Make what others imagine: the future of sustainable travel – James and Tamara Lohan

About This Episode

Over the course of this new Change Makers series in collaboration with Mr & Mrs Smith, the travel club for hotel lovers, we explore the travel industry’s role in delivering a more sustainable future in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing climate emergency.

Each week, host Michael Hayman virtually visits a double act behind one the most innovative and sustainable hotels from Mr & Mrs Smith’s global collection to speak about the challenges they face and hopes for the future.

From creating in Britain to restoring in Italy, connecting to nature in the Maldives and local communities in Brazil; these double acts have curated their own paths, harnessing the joy of travel with the responsibility for protecting our planet – and inspiring others to follow suit. But to begin the journey around the world in eight episodes, Michael pays a virtual visit to the founders of Mr & Mrs Smith themselves, James and Tamara Lohan. They discuss the importance of the people and the stories behind the hotels, looking at the partnerships that built them and the ethos that drives them.

James and Tamara Lohan, Founders, Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith is the travel club for hotel lovers: an award-winning boutique-hotel booking service specialising in the world’s most seductive stays. Founded in 2003, there are now more than 1,400 boutique and luxury hotels in the collection – all hand-picked and anonymously reviewed – and more than a million like-minded members around the world. Smith members get the best prices guaranteed, free extras on arrival and first-class service from in-house travel specialists. In 2018 their coffee-table book Mr & Mrs Smith presents: The World’s Sexiest Bedrooms was published worldwide by Thames & Hudson. They are proud to support the World Land Trust and the Blue Marine Foundation through gift-card and membership donations and staff-travel offset programs. Go to to browse and book.

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