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Change Makers X: Mr & Mrs Smith

Meaningful connections: a life more interesting – Michael and Xochi Birch, The Battery

About This Episode

Michael and Xochi Birch are the founders of The Battery, described as “simply, San Francisco’s best hotel” by The Telegraph and by Forbes as the city’s “coolest place to stay.” As the founders of the pioneering social networking site, Bebo, Michael and Xochi have more than 15 years of experience in fostering networks, something they have replicated with The Battery’s 5,000 exclusive members.

Situated across the top three floors of its eponymous private members’ club, the 14-room hotel is designed for the creative elite of San Francisco to connect, founded with a vision to create a culture where inspiration is embraced, diverse communities come together and egos are checked at the door.

But it’s not just about the network they keep. Michael and Xochi created The Battery with the vision that it would become more than a place to eat, drink and socialise and, through Battery Powered, are turning that promise into purpose by opening the door to generosity, community and possibility, by helping members find and fund people and projects that are dedicated to a better world.

Michael and Xochi Birch, Founders of The Battery

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