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The golden rule: rebooting the future – Kim Polman, Co-Founder & Chair, Reboot the Future

About This Episode

Kim Polman is co-founder and chair of Reboot the Future, a fellow of the Aspen Institute and co-founder and chair of the Kilamanjaro Blind Trust.

Reboot the Future is a foundation aimed at transforming how people connect to themselves, each other and the planet. Its work is powered by one golden rule; to treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated. Kim describes this call to action as the only universal principle the world shares and uses it as a roadmap for the conversations and campaigns that will lead to a more sustainable world.

It is this ethos that inspired the book she co-curated Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation, a collection of essays from thought leaders and change agents including, Al Gore, Muhammad Yunus and her husband, Paul Polman.

Kim Polman, Co-Founder & Chair, Reboot the Future

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What is a book that has changed your life?

On care for our Common Home – Pope Francis, Laudato Si’

What are you watching at the moment?

David Attenborough’s Green Planet

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mother, because she loved so fully for 95 years and sprinkled happy dust on everyone she met.

In one sentence, describe your ‘new normal’.

Live less globally and more locally.

What is your best tip for life?

Get a sense of the infinitude of Love that is a resource for more patience, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity and kindness for others and for all life.

A quote for life?

To work things out in a conflict, understand there is not one truth, find what you have in common, and don’t make judgements.

What tracks are on your current soundtrack?

The artist Cosmo Sheldrake

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