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Our guest today is Theo Fennell, one of the country’s most influential jewellers whose work and eponymous brand is sought after around the world. His is a global brand with a quintessentially British quirk and personality, praised and worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John, who described Theo as “the most adventurous jeweller there is.” Bold, brash and crafted with humour, Theo’s designs are larger-than-life and not for the faint-hearted, but simultaneously serious in their respect for the high-quality stones that go into his pieces.

Theo Fennell, Jewellery Designer

Founding the company in 1982, Theo Fennell’s eponymous fine jewellery brand has become something of a British treasure in its few decades, with every piece of jewellery and silverware meticulously handcrafted in its workshops above its flagship Fulham store. Classics such as the silver Marmite pot lid or skull rings all come from inspired collections combining artistry and craftsmanship, with one collection inspired entirely by bees, resulting in colourful, idiosyncratic, yet entirely gorgeous pieces. Forever carrying a sketchbook should inspiration take hold, Theo Fennel has ensured that his fine jewellery brand is one full excitement and a very particular variety.

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