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Make it good: top tips for a life well led – Wayne Hemingway MBE, Co-founder, Hemingway Design

About This Episode

It was Barry Manilow who sang that music and fashion were always the passion, and he could well have been talking about today’s guest on Change Makers, Wayne Hemingway. This is a conversation that covers Wayne’s life journey – from dancing at discos and punk rock pogoing, to a life in lockdown with nine members of his family (and two dogs!), and lessons about how to conduct business by following his principles and practicing with purpose.

Wayne Hemingway MBE, Co-founder, Hemingway Design

Wayne Hemingway is the fashion founder who shook up an industry with the socially conscious label Red or Dead. Founded with his wife Gerardine, to this day Wayne continues to drive businesses to be more purposeful with Hemingway Design and The Good Business Festival – set to take place in Liverpool this October. With music, fashion and family at the centre of his journey, it’s a story you don’t want to miss.

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Lockdown List

What is a book that has changed your life?

You’re more likely to find me reading a newspaper than a book. The Guardian and FT Weekend are the two that particularly add to my life.



What are you watching in lockdown?

The news!

What is your lockdown soundtrack?

Carole King, You Got a Friend

Stevie Wonder, Black Man

Bobbi Humphry, Harlem River Drive (Album Version)

Lonnie Liston Smith, Expansions; Buzzcocks, Boredom

Also, have a listen to my lockdown playlists (more like DJ sets) as mentioned in the interview:


In one sentence, describe your new normal.

4.30am start where I catch up on email; at 6.30 my grandkids get up and eat half of my chocolate cereal; then it’s Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom until 5 when I go for a run with grandkids and the dogs; at 7.30 all nine of us eat together, after which I play some records while catching up on more emails, before watching the news and fall asleep about seven minutes in!

What is your best tip for life ?

Get up early, run, eat, play, enjoy family, work.

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